Monday, October 12, 2015

Jordan's Birthday

Hi. Today we have a photo story that should have been posted two days ago because it was Jordan's official birthday. However, here it is in Jordan's point of view:

I woke up later than usual in the morning, looked around, and thought to myself, where am I? I quickly remembered I was at my grandparent's house for Thanksgiving. So groggily I put on my clothes for the day. I concealed my messy braid by putting a beanie over top, promising myself that later I would fix my hair. 

I opened the door of my room to find Robin standing there with a troubled look on her face. 
"Morning" I mumbled and sleepily rubbed my eyes. 
"Good morning. Happy Birthday!" She replied and smiled.
"Hm? Who's birthday is it?" Then I remembered, but it was too late and Robin was ready with her answer.
"Yours silly." She laughed nervously. And then I remembered the rest of it. We were stuck at my grandparent's house a day longer than we planned. We were suppose to have driven home yesterday but there was a big storm and lots of trees had blown down, causing the one highway we could take home, to be blocked.
"Has the storm let up?" I asked hoping for the best.
"Yes but they still need to clear the roads." 
Robin patted me on the shoulder.
"So that means I'm stuck at my boring old grandparent's house on my birthday." I sighed. I didn't mean to sound ungrateful or mean but I couldn't help it as I was expecting to be home by now and waking up to pancakes and presents, not broken trees and delays

I sank down to the ground and Robin did the same. 
"I'm sorry Jordan, but we can still have fun here. How about hide and go seek?"
"Why not" I answered.
"You seek, I hide." Said Robin
So I counted to 60...
(20 games of hide and go seek, and a change of hairstyle later)
"I'm pooped" I said and flopped onto an over sized pillow.
"I know something that will cheer you up." Then Robin ran off into the kitchen. I sat up ready for anything.
"Ta-da. Your grandma made you a cake and it looks pretty good considering she made it on really short notice."
"It looks delicious! Thanks Grandma" I yelled so she would her me from the kitchen.

"Robin put her arm around me and said "Happy Birthday Jordan."

And it did turn out to be a happy one after all.
-Anna and Jordan

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  1. Cute photostory! Happy late birthday to Jordan!:) I'm glad she had a good time regardless of her situation!;)